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Relationship Issues

Relationship issues and fights come about because of a range of problems that you may not be aware of yet.

If you think your relationship is being affected by any of the following, we advise booking a consultation to help save your relationship.

Relationship Boundary Issues

Sometimes boundaries are not respected and are overstepped which can cause all sorts of conflict and arguments. Some boundaries may be unreasonable which puts strain on the relationship and tests the connection you have with each other.

It can go the other way with dependency issues which can alienate your significant other and lead to other issues of mistrust and communication to be created.

Starting A Family And Living Together Issues

Often problems start to arise when you move in together and have been living together for a while. Issues can arise during pregnancy and even after having a baby together. Sometimes it is not your own children but issues with stepchildren that causes the conflicts and therefore strains the relationship with your partner. Parents from either side can unknowingly (or knowingly) cause problems between you both and this may need to be addressed.

Relationship Money Issues

Money issues can cause stress which overflows to each partner, putting doubt and conflict into your lives and creating difficulties in the connection you have,

Help with Relationship Issues

There is help available. By offering advice and helping with the relationship issues, Clinical Psychologist / Relationship Therapist Dr Matt Worthington can help you and your partner be closer together again. Having a couples therapy session can help bring to light the root cause allowing you and your partner to deal with it in a way that is good for both of you.


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Meet Dr Matt Worthington

DPsych (Clinical), MSc (Psych) (with Commendation), BA(Hons) Bus. Executive Coaching Programme (Distance) Cambridge University
Level 1, 2 and 3 of Gottman Couples Training.
9 Months Training (online) with Boston Trauma Centre Massachusetts

Dr Matt has a flexible, down to earth, warm, easy going, value-based and compassionate approach to best accommodate his clients. He often says “being a psychologist is just about being human”. He strongly believes that the therapist’s personality, ability to build rapport and relate to a client’s world-view are of utmost importance in therapy. He is effective at quickly getting to the root of his clients’ worries and drawing on a range of evidence-based interventions to assist his clients to cope with their issues. Dr Matt can help you with Court Report WritingLife Coaching and Motivation Issues, Relationship and Marriage Issues, Academic and Self-worth Issues, as well as Workplace and Bullying problems.

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