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Marriage Issues 

When married, sometimes issues come up that can test the love and connection you have with your partner. This issues can often be resolved if both sides want to work together to fix any marriage issues.

But first, you need to be aware of problems in your marriage / relationship before you can solve them. Dr Matt helps clients to clarify problems quickly and then helps them to resolve issues.

But first, you need to be aware of problems in your marriage / relationship before you can solve them. Dr Matt helps clients to clarify problems quickly and then helps them to resolve issues.

Marriage Problems As Newlyweds

It is common for newlyweds to experience issues. Often these arise out of unmet needs. Dr Matt can give you strategies to better understand each other’s needs. He will help you to clarify your needs which is essential for a long and happy marriage. Marriage therapy helps clients to strengthen bonds for a happy and fruitful marriage.

Marriage Problems Due To In-Laws Or Parents

When you marry your partner, you can often marry their family as well. For good or for worse, this can get complicated as they try to step in with good intentions but actually hinder the relationship. You may feel trapped and can not tell your partner how you feel or what you think about the situation which makes it hard to feel loved and connected. Marriage therapy can help in voicing these issues with each other and coming up with ways of dealing with the difficult new family members.

Marriage Issues During Pregnancy

A baby in the works can cause all sorts of chaos and uncomfortable situations that you and/or your partner may not be able to handle. While a new child in this world is a blessing, it can be hard to communicate issues or problems that the other may have to you (or you to them) as to not make their life difficult. Sometimes having a person asking the right questions can help find the solutions to any problems during pregnancy. Marriage therapy can help you through the process and make you both stronger together for the new little family member.

Marriage Issues After Bub Is Home

Lack of sleep, increased responsibilities, and the stress of being a parent is daunting. The exhaustion can mean the support from your partner is lacking which makes these issues even more stressful. Adding to the frustration are is not being able to communicate your needs to your partner. Relationship therapy can help by bringing to light these issues and guide you on to the right path for you and your new family.

Marriage Problems Due To Stepchildren (Blended families)

Blended families are a significant source of stress due to their complexity. Sometimes its difficult tell our partner about the stress because of the ongoing complex dynamics. Unresolved stress can morph into trapped resentment and lead to conflict. Rleationship therapy helps by providing a safe place where both of you can hear each other’s story and unspoken needs and these are fundamental if mutual understanding and coping strategies are to be developed.

Marriage Problems Due To Sexless Relationship (A Lack Of Intimacy)

The desire to connect sexually / physically with our partners is normal as long as this is with mutual consent. However, sometimes and for any number of reasons the sexual spark is just not there anymore. Maybe you have tried talking to your partner about it but this just seems to cause more stress and avoidance. Relationship therapy can help bring that spark back and have you both saying ooh la la in no time.

Marriage Problems Due To No Love Or Resentment Issues (Stagnation)

Resentment generally arises because one or both partners lose trust in the relationship. There is a perception that needs are not being met and this can seem as cold as Siberia. Sometimes you (or your partner) may feel trapped in the relationship. Even after 15 or 20 years together, it has grown into something that you regret and want to make good again but just don’t know how. Marriage therapy can help you to find love for your partner again.

Marriage Problems Due To Money Issues

Money, Money, Money, it’s so funny… Yet it can cause all sorts of stress for us. This stress then affects how we interact with our partners. Often money issues are related to childhood insecurities. These issues can manifest as excessive control of the family budget or impulsive spending which are stressful for all concerned. Relationship therapy can help bring to light these issues and guide you on the right path to solving them.

Marriage Problems Due To Cheating (Infidelity)

Cheating breaks trust and confidence in each other, and can cause all sorts of issues inside and outside of the marriage. This is a serious issue and if you want to continue the relationship it will require hard work and time from both of you to build up that trust and love again. Relationship therapy can help you get back on track but does require both partners to genuinely want to repair the relationship.

Marriage Problems Due To Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is illegal. It is a clear can sign of an unhealthy toxic marriage. If the violence is from one partner then the non abused violent partner should leave the relationship. If both partners are violent then there is hope of resolution in Counselling. If you are subject to violence don’t hesitate to call Police on 000.

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