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Court Report Writing

Does it frustrate you when companies hide their fee structure? Ever wonder why they do that? Typically, its out of fear of losing your custom. The answers you are looking for are hidden behind lots of information or you have to email for a quote.

Dr Matt is experienced in writing psychological court reports to support clients’ criminal and immigration cases. He typically writes a 20 to 30 page report which will also include in-depth research with 20 to 30 research references. His reports have significantly helped with favorable results – however, there is no guarantee. The writing usually takes approximately two weeks.

Here is Matt’s fee its fixed at $2500 plus GST. This means that the fee will never be more than this amount no matter how many times you speak with him. Dr Worthington charges a fixed fee for his reports so the client does not have to worry about hourly rates. The fee is paid after the client reviews the report and is satisfied and not before. This is a guarantee, if you are not satisfied you don’t pay.

Reports Provided:

  1. Migration
  2. Criminal Matters


The Process

Typically the process is:

  1. Initial contact from the client via email / phone. Appointment is made for in-depth interview.
  2. Initial interview is usually around 4 hours and often requires more time over several days. Matt combines his extensive knowledge of traumatic stress with his former police training.
  3. Matt requests collateral evidence
  4. Matt writes up the report. Usually around 30 pages with in-depth research usually between 20 to 30 references.
  5. Time usually around 2 weeks.
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Meet Dr Matt Worthington

DPsych (Clinical), MSc (Psych) (with Commendation), BA(Hons) Bus. Executive Coaching Programme (Distance) Cambridge University
Level 1, 2 and 3 of Gottman Couples Training.
9 Months Training (online) with Boston Trauma Centre Massachusetts

Dr Matt has a flexible, down to earth, warm, easy going, value-based and compassionate approach to best accommodate his clients. He often says “being a psychologist is just about being human”. He strongly believes that the therapist’s personality, ability to build rapport and relate to a client’s world-view are of utmost importance in therapy. He is effective at quickly getting to the root of his clients’ worries and drawing on a range of evidence-based interventions to assist his clients to cope with their issues. Dr Matt can help you with Court Report WritingLife Coaching and Motivation Issues, Relationship and Marriage Issues, Academic and Self-worth Issues, as well as Workplace and Bullying problems.

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