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Motivation Issues

 Don’t let your brain talk you out of things!

Motivation issues can be with your education and the workplace which can lead to depression and stress which causes a loop that affects your work or education. These motivation problems can flow over to other areas and cause marriage issues and relationship issues, or make you question your life direction and purpose.


Sometimes when we get rejected, we lose our desire to try in various areas of our life because it seems as though nobody would care either way. It’s unlikely this is the case, as one instance of rejection from one or a few people doesn’t encompass the opinion of every person in every situation, but it feels that way and so that’s how we sometimes react. Sometimes workplace bullying can be a cause of lack of motivation.

Neglecting Physical Needs

When leading a busy life, we can easily skip breakfast and other meals, then exhaustion, brain fog and stress kick in . Neglecting our physical needs can deplete our motivation. Dr Matt can you some great ideas to get back on track.

Too Many Decisions/Too Much On Our Plate

Sometimes we can be overwhelmed, too much on our plate. We can be under too much stress. The stress can impact our motivation to complete even the smallest of goals. We can also find that our ability to make decisions generally whether at home, in work or academically. A life coach can help sort through these decisions and get you back on track to take on the world.

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Meet Dr Matt Worthington

DPsych (Clinical), MSc (Psych) (with Commendation), BA(Hons) Bus. Executive Coaching Programme (Distance) Cambridge University
Level 1, 2 and 3 of Gottman Couples Training.
9 Months Training (online) with Boston Trauma Centre Massachusetts

Dr Matt has a flexible, down to earth, warm, easy going, value-based and compassionate approach to best accommodate his clients. He often says “being a psychologist is just about being human”. He strongly believes that the therapist’s personality, ability to build rapport and relate to a client’s world-view are of utmost importance in therapy. He is effective at quickly getting to the root of his clients’ worries and drawing on a range of evidence-based interventions to assist his clients to cope with their issues. Dr Matt can help you with Court Report WritingLife Coaching and Motivation Issues, Relationship and Marriage Issues, Academic and Self-worth Issues, as well as Workplace and Bullying problems.

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